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With 100s of products on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. 

I have made it easier for you to find out what to eat or supplement with for any particular body part, ailment or area of interest that you would like to enhance. 

All of the products that I recommend on this site I have tried, or will soon try. My cabinet is filled with most of what I mention in my pages and blog articles

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How to stop your hair going grey

Some people don’t mind going grey, but for me I don’t want to. I would rather have head full of dark hair, my natural hair colour is dark brown and I would like it to stay like that for as long as possible

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All we have is our health

You have heard the saying. It’s something we quitely say to ourselves when we hear of loved ones near and dear to us who get cancer or heart disease or diabetes

At the end of the day, what keeps us from being alive and breathing and not in a state of dispear or pain is our health. Join me as I continue my journey on preventative health measures. Habits like daily movement or exercise, 80% full eating, relaxed states, wise food choices and breathing and meditation practices. 

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